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I’m writing to you to report some miraculous things that have taken place with my health since we last spoke. I stopped burping and began sleeping through the night, my whole outlook started to change and I was able to think about my future. I realized I couldn’t stay at my place; I had a strong feeling that I needed to move. I found a new home, sold mine, and in one month moved into my new home. An absolute miracle, that it was only six months ago that I could barely walk, my musculoskeletal system wouldn’t cooperate, and even normal breathing was a challenge. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel that you have saved my life for the second time. You are amazing 😉 The supplement protocol is an elixir. With Gratitude,

Wonderful, life changing. Brings so much healing to my mind, body and spirit. Dr. Yanover has a gift of intuition, and knowledge to facilitate healing.

I used to suffer from a severe autoimmune condition that was diagnosed 10 years ago. I did not want to follow the conventional route with all the immunosuppressive medications they offer. Dr. Yanover put me on her protocol, that involved a specific diet, supplements and detox procedures. It was not easy, but I knew I had to do it. I stared feeling better immediately following my first liver flash, and in 8 months into the program was symptom free. I still follow this protocol in order to stay healthy. Now with the pandemic going on, I feel blessed with Dr. Yanover being my physician. I use all the tools she once taught me and still continues to teach me. I feel my immune system is in a much better state than it once was and I can truly say I am healthy. Thank you, Dr. Yanover for your care and support.

Dr. Yanover saved my life. I was struggling with migraines, stomach issues, and unexplained illnesses for more than 10 years. I had been to may general practitioners and no one ever tried to find the route of the problem, they just treated the symptoms. Dr. Yanover worked with me to cure my symptoms and did a series of tests that determined I had celiac disease. She significantly changed the quality of my life and helped restore my digestive health.

I came to see Dr. Yanover five years ago when I had severe autoimmune thyroid condition. I followed her recommendations since then, and for a few years now have been symptom free. I still follow my protocol and don’t mind doing it as long as it keeps me healthy!

Very informative, honest & trustworthy, lots of patience- very friendly- very attentive & listens well! If I follow her, Yanover’s instructions I get excellent health results.

My visits are always pleasant- never rushed. Dr. Yanover takes time to listen and provide appropriate treatments. Friendly, family atmosphere. Always on time. Friendly staff & caring.

My son used to have severe headaches: he had to stop playing sports, could not go to school, could not live normal life. He had severe light sensitivity, nausea and could hardly eat anything. We went to see numerous doctors, tried different kind of drugs, and nothing helped. Finally my friend recommended to see Dr. Yanover as a last resort. I was amazed at her knowledge and understanding of our situation. Shortly after the first visit, my son’s life started to change. Two years into it now, and he is back at school, back at sports and back being healthy. Thank you, Dr. Yanover, for taking such good care of my son!

My first two pregnancies ended up in miscarriage. I started seeing a fertility specialist who recommended to see Dr. Yanover first, since I expressed my interest in natural medicine. When I met Dr. Yanover, I knew, it was meant to be. I decided to follow the protocol she gave me and did everything she suggested including changing my diet, detoxification, and taking supplements that she recommended. I got pregnant after a year of healthy life style and proper detoxification routines. I am so grateful I met Dr. Yanover. I now have a healthy little girl!

I came to Dr. Yanover because I had severe pain in my neck and shoulder. I never had acupuncture before and was so surprised to get such immediate relief. The whole experience was wonderful. I did not need a follow-up visit- which I know is highly unusual – but the first visit absolutely provided the relief I needed.

Was very pleased. As a Naturopath- she was right on the mark. After an extensive 1st visit- Dr Yanover seemed to pinpoint areas I needed to work on. Her suggestions, when I followed them, made a major improvement in the way I felt. I also had acupuncture, and felt immediate relief. Atmosphere in the office is wonderful.

Dr. Yanover taught my kids to eat healthy and to love their food! They even love taking taking supplements! Before we met Dr. Yanover both of my kids had Lyme disease, were always tired, and had skin issues. Now they are healthy, have lots of energy and their skin looks great!

I LOVE Dr. Yanover, as well as her entire staff! Feels more like family than a doctors office. I never feel rushed and always leave feeling 100x better than when I arrived :).

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