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There is a lot of information to be gained looking through the camera. I can see your skin tone, rate of breathing, gait, clarity of speech. Are you sitting up or lying in bed? Are you pale? Does your breathing look rapid? Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Do you look puffy?

You can also follow my instructions to aid in your own examination – I can have you move your joints, see if you have pain in specific areas, move the camera to see your eyes, throat, skin rashes, etc. You can take your own pulse while I time you and use your own thermometer to check for fever. Family members can also be recruited: they can examine an abdomen and check for tenderness using my instructions. Not only does this add valuable information to the physical examination, it engages you, the patient in being an active part of your healthcare.

 Services via Tele-Medicine include:

  • History and Evaluation
  • Visual examination via the power of observation
  • Instructional self examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Designing treatment plans
  • Counseling
  • Individual selection of supplements and herbal formulas – they are available for pickups, or can be mailed through your suppliers
  • Acu-points demonstration for specific complaints

Prevention is the best cure.

People are missing their maintenance appointments and creating situations that may weaken their immune system, that could make them more susceptible to COVID19. Please, remember to take care of your health in a timely manner. – Prevention is the best cure!