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What to Expect

What To Expect

What To Expect

If you are here to solve your health mystery and would like to take an integrative holistic approach towards your health, this is what you should expect.

Your first two office visits are dedicated to assessing the state of your health. Depending on your condition, these visits can be as long as two hours each, but sometimes less time is required. This comprehensive evaluation involves obtaining a detailed history, including family history, dental history, trauma history, toxic/environmental exposure history, exposure to, and infection history, pre-conception history, as well as a detailed nutritional assessment.    This information will determine both a clinical and an Eastern medicine diagnosis, including possible causative factors.  During the second visit a treatment plan will be decided upon, fully discussed and implemented.

After that, you will have a plan to follow your program and to visit with Dr. Yanover either in person or virtually, to track your progress and make necessary changes.

Dr. Yanover believes that there are four cornerstones of health that are needed to be addressed with any illness:

  • Nutrition
  • Emotional health
  • Environmental toxins
  • Structure



Nutrition is unique for each of us, based on our family history, our constitution, our personality, and the way our autonomic nervous system is wired. Every chronic disease usually begins with the wrong nutrition. That does not mean it starts with an unhealthy diet. You may eat what you would think is a perfectly healthy diet, but it may not be the right diet for you. We should follow the diet appropriate to our metabolic type, based on the state of our autonomic nervous system.  In addition, the quality of food is very important as well: you should always eat organic, and minimally processed food. These concepts of nutrition were studied extensively by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. William Donald Kelley, and finally, by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (1947-2015), who put it all together in a comprehensive successful protocol for the treatment of degenerative diseases. Nutrition was an essential part of his treatment protocol.  Dr. Gonzalez believed that all chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and many others, are the result of the wrong nutrition. 

In 2003, just after graduation, Dr. Yanover’s interest in natural cures especially in difficult to treat, often labeled as “incurable” chronic degenerative diseases, led her to meet Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. She then had an opportunity to intern with Dr. Gonzalez at his NYC office. She was fascinated about Dr. Gonzalez’s protocol: many patients who were written off by conventional doctors recovered and led a healthy fulfilled life; the protocol just made so much sense. There she learned that in fact, by following an individualized diet and supplement protocol, one can achieve optimal health. For more information about the work of Dr. Gonzalez, please visit the website www.thegonzalezprotocol.com .

Dr. Yanover will help guide you in choosing the diet and a supplement regimen that is right for you. She will do it through a series of questions, a nutritional assessment and if necessary, by ordering and reviewing lab testing.  She will then spend a considerable amount of time explaining a correct approach to you, and offer an individualized dietary plan and a supplement regimen that she will ask you to follow.


Emotional Health 

During the first two visits Dr. Yanover will get a sense of who you are, and that will include getting to know your life: what worries you and what makes you happy. She will help uncover the obstacles to healing. This is an important part of an evaluation. Illness almost never has only a physical origin. There is always an emotional component involved, and by addressing it, you may be able to achieve better quality health, in shorter duration of time.


We live in a toxic world, and it is important to periodically rid your body of toxins. This process is called detoxification. We believe detoxification to be an essential part of our protocol. You need a clean body for the healing process to take place.

Dr. Yanover will guide you through a specific detoxification routine you may need. Most of these detoxification procedures can be safely done at home, and we will explain and walk you through the necessary steps.


Sometimes there is a structural problem that prevents healing. This could be discovered right away, or later in the process if the healing is not achieved as soon as expected. Examples of the structural problems may be

  • old injuries form past physical traumas, i.e., car accidents or falls;
  • dental bite problems that resulted from improper dental procedures and/or devices;
  • old scars from surgeries or past root canals that result in interference fields that block the energy flow.

If one of these issues is believed to interfere with your healing, an appropriate referral to a specialist will be made while concurrently addressing other cornerstones of your health.

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