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Thymus gland sits below thyroid gland and above the heart. The thymus is a unique gland because it mostly works before birth and throughout puberty. After puberty it starts to shrink and fatty tissue replaces it. The thymus is responsible for producing and releasing the hormone thymosin. This hormone is responsible for stimulating the production of T cells. These immune system cells help to fight infections.

According to late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, “the single most important anti-viral substance is a product called thymus , which consists of freeze-dried raw beef thymus, prepared from specially raised animals from New Zealand. I believe that properly activated and nudged in the right direction, our bodies have the capability to fight off most infections. This thymus product, taken orally in large doses, stimulates and normalizes the thymus gland, always stressed to the maximum with any chronic infection, and helps it mobilize the body’s own resources against the virus. It works very well.”

Glandular therapy became popular in the 1900s. The idea of using animal glands or organs for medicinal purposes is based on the belief that “like heals like.” For example, it is believed that consuming, for example, an animal’s healthy liver can help repair the human’s liver, if it’s damaged.

Of course, Dr. Gonzalez never used to prescribe just one supplement. It was always about balancing the autonomic nervous system with the diet and supplements chosen specifically for each patient. Thymus is a good addition to our treatment protocols, especially if we are dealing with viral infections.

In many instances, it is now part of my protocol for COVID and flu. And of course, as always, ask your doctor before trying it out yourself 😊.