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There is another part of our beings that controls our immune system: our mind. Just like the stress can suppress the immune system, the positivity, laughter and faith can uplift it. It is what we make our brain see as a reality, often becomes our reality and depending on what we imagine, can either heal us or hurt us.

It is often in our nature to program ourselves to see the future in a scary undertone, sometimes we can’t help but think about the worst possible scenario. We need to learn to change it, and this is where the imagery exercises come in handy.

I learned about this years ago by reading couple of books by Colette Aboulker-Muscat who taught Waking Dream Therapy for 40 years. She was able help her patients this way to successfully overcome a problem or an illness, both physical and mental. I also learned from two of her students, Gerry Epstein and Peter Reznik. Gerry Epstein wrote “Healing Visualizations” book, that I highly recommend to anyone interested in healing.

I used this technique when I had to be on bed rest for 4 months due to pregnancy complications. I worked with a therapist who help me choose the right exercises in order to achieve my goal: to avoid premature delivery. Along with other therapies such as nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, to name a few, I believe it is the imagery exercises that played a major role that helped me achieve my goal: my twins were full term!

I use imagery exercises in my practice with patients for various ailments as part of their treatment protocols if I feel there is a need for it. Sometimes, when everything else fails, a simply rightly chosen imagery exercise can be what turns the corner. Once that shift occurs, that all the other treatments that previously failed, miraculously begin to work.